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Infant Care ~ 6 week to 12 months old

We focus on providing a loving and caring learning environment in which our babies can grow and develop. Our infant room is safe and furnished with age appropriate stimulation, toys, and furniture. While every baby is unique, they all share the common need for consistency and responsiveness in their caregiving. Here at The Learning Garden, our infants control their own daily schedule based on their particular preferences and patterns. Our caring and nurturing teachers monitor each individual infants eating, sleeping pattern, diapering, and play patterns so they can report to the parents every day. Here at The Learning Garden we believe it is important for our teachers to be consistent so it will represent a familiar, comforting presence for both the infant and parents.

Our teacher-to-child ratio for infants is 1:4.

infant classroom for kids in Yorktown texas


infant and toddler playground for kids in Yorktown texas

Toddler Care ~ 13 months to 3 years

Our toddler program is split into two classrooms:

Toddler Classroom ~ 13 months to 24 months

    Our teacher-to-child ratio for 13 months to 18 months is 1:5.

    Our teacher-to-child ratio for 18 months to 24 months is 1:9.

Toddler classroom for kids in Yorktown texas


Two-Year-Old Classroom ~ 24 months to 3 years.

    Our teacher-to-child ratio for Two-Year-Olds is 1:11.

two years old classroom for kids in Yorktown texas

In both rooms we focus on learning through play, singing and dancing, group and individual projects, and crafts. We work with the parents to help support each child's cognitive, emotional, and physical development using consistent daily routines that comfort your child while supporting their unique needs and interests. It is a big transition for them from the Infant room to our young toddler room so we focus on it being a joyful time. Your child at this stage are discovering new words, new mobility, new personality, and new attitudes. When children start showing signs of being ready we will begin toilet training and will work with the parents to help through this challenging time.

Preschool Care ~ 3 years to 4 years

Our Preschool room allows the children to demonstrate the ability to think through issues and problem solve, form and verbally express opinions, and establish stronger social alliances and friendships. There daily routine is supported with programs that encourage movement, building, working their minds, and a variety of educational fun. Our teachers introduce simple math, science, literacy and creativity while encouraging your children to make connections. We work to help establish familiar daily routines, consistent rules and engaging activities to boost their confidence while helping them establish a sense of control.

Our teacher-to-child ratio for preschool is 1:15.

preschool classroom for kids in Yorktown texas

Pre-Kindergarten Care ~ 4 years to 5 years

Our Pre-kindergarten room helps children introduce older preschoolers with school activities as well as help those who have never attended child care adapt to a school-like atmosphere. We work with the children on increased early literacy and more challenging activities throughout the day that focus on high-level instructional skills in math, reading, writing, music, and art. Most importantly we focus on enthusiasm for learning, confidence to solve problems, to function as a team or group, and to follow directions.

Our teacher-to-child ratio for pre-kindergarten is 1:18.

pre Kindergarten classroom for kids in Yorktown texas

School-Age Care ~ 5 years to 10 years

We provide a fun, safe, structured environment for children after school and when they are out all day during the school year. We help with homework, offer craft projects, and we provide time for outdoor activities and recreation (weather permitting). Our summer program consists of a more structured day of crafts, outside play, singing and dancing, and many other fun activities.

Our teacher-to-child ratio for school age is 1:22.

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